Top Rated Laptops under $300 in 2015

The entry-level laptop space used to be pretty laughable.

Sure, there were always products in this space that were standouts and offered a usable blend of power and performance, but the overwhelming majority of laptops in the sub $300 space usually wasn’t worth the money.

Nothing could be further from the truth these days.

In fact, one could argue that (considering the speed in which technology advances) it’s almost insane to spend more than $300 on every day laptop – completely flipping the way that people look at sub 300 dollars laptops from the way that they used to.

Here are some of the best available on the market in the upcoming year!

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5287


Toshiba laptops have almost always been available at bargain based price points, focusing on delivering “just enough” performance for the price without ever threatening to break anyone’s bank account at the exact same time.

The new Toshiba Satellite stays pretty true to that focus, though they have been able to pigeonhole some beefier pieces of hardware and components into this particular form factor than they may have in past.

It’s not going to set any land speed records as far as performance is concerned, but it’s not going to lag on you, either.

Lenovo Flex 2 14

Lenovo notebook

Lenovo is a Chinese company that has really tried to find ways to hit that sweet spot between power, performance, and price, offering amazingly powerful machines at ridiculously low prices – especially when compared to the rest of the competition.

This Lenovo Flex 2 is a prime example of that approach.

All of the hardware that makes up this top rated $300 laptop you would find in $400 or more laptops from just about every other manufacturer out there, but somehow Lenovo is able to cut costs and pass those savings along to consumers without dropping the reliability or performance of the machine in any way.

Dell Inspiron i3542-3335BK


Dell continues its mission to offer people ridiculously inexpensive computers and laptops that are reliable, just powerful enough for day to day use, and offer some real portability benefits, and this Dell Inspiron sticks true to that focus.

Not exactly ultra-compact by any stretch of the imagination, it still isn’t going to break 7 pounds.

Obviously, in this day and age where ultrabooks reign supreme it’s definitely a bit on the larger side of things, but when you stack it up against the competition from even just a year or two ago – or any of the other best $300 laptops out there – it’s probably one of the smallest options that you could decide to go with.

This laptop also offers an impressive battery life, and has quick charge capability so that you don’t have to worry too much about running out of juice while on the go.

Acer Aspire E5-571-56UQ

Acer 300 Dollars Laptop

This Acer Aspire laptop is definitely budget focused, but it still doesn’t make too terribly many compromises on the performance front, either.

Sure, it doesn’t have lightning fast technology built right in, and there isn’t an overwhelming amount of room for customizations or upgrades, but for those that just need a computer or laptop for the “basics – light online use, email, Microsoft Office, and the like – they aren’t going to need anything else, either.

Definitely one of the more attractive $300 laptops out there, Acer always make sure to pay attention to aesthetic design with each of the products that they put out and this one is a looker for sure.

Asus X550LA

Asus X550LA

Asus is another company that somehow finds a way to blend power, performance, and price without threatening to break anyone’s bank account.

And even if they aren’t able to go to the same lengths as a company like Lenovo is, their machines are still very impressive.

This Asus laptop is powerful enough to tackle pretty much anything that a general computer user is going to throw at it, while at the same time being able to handle light photo editing, even lighter video editing, and maybe even a bit of gaming.

3 Best Budget Laptops for School Students

It doesn’t really matter whether your kid is in college or school. In 2015, everyone requires a laptop for their studies in advanced classes. It gets really hard for school students to take notes and complete their homework without a laptop. Most of parents these days suggest a tablet for school studies but I would not say that is a great choice. PC is a great companion and no tablet or smartphone can replace it. Anyways, here in this post we’re going to list few of the best laptops for school students according to size, brand, specifications, hardware quality, connectivity and price.

Below we are reviewing best laptops for school students that are affordable and come with powerful specifications. This list of affordable laptops for students will surely help you finalize your school notebook. This is a quick review and if you’re looking for something even deeper then you should check out some expert reviews on sites like CNET or LaptopMag. Anyways, if you’re still not satisfied then feel free to leave your issue in our comment box and I will make sure that some expert will give you an answer. So scroll down and check out what we have got in box for you.

  1. Samsung Chromebook


Chromebooks are not like a regular Windows laptop since they have their own Chrome OS rather than Windows. It’s most probably the best budget laptop for school students since it has almost all the useful applications such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Calendar, Docs and many more. As you already know it doesn’t come with Windows, Mac or Linux. It has its own OS that features Google Chrome as a browser and takes care of all your necessities. However, once you get used to it your all work will get done so easily that will never again think about going back to Windows or Mac OS. Samsung Chromebook has become so popular recently that it’s on the top of best-selling laptops list and the reason behind that is certainly its mobility and simplicity.

  1. Asus VivoBook S400C


ASUS VivoBook’s latest version has been kind of disappointment but still it’s among the best budget laptops. Its battery was kind of great in its previous version and now it’s kind of low compared to its older model. Anyways, the new device packs Core i3 processor, 4GB memory and 500 GB storage space. Its GPU includes Intel HD graphics which is great for playing light games and watching HD movies. The VivoBook S400C is undoubtedly a great laptop that will not cost you much and also has plenty of space for all your movies, games and other files. I recently tested this specific laptop and after personally checking it out I can tell that it delivers good performance and its battery life lasted for around 4 hours. Overall, it’s the best laptop for school students and totally worth the money. Anyways, if you use it with low brightness then it will even last longer and that’s the only reason I recommend this notebook to school students.

  1. Lenovo Yoga 11


The 11-inch Ultrabook has been pretty much in every school for last couple of years. There are plenty of reasons to choose the Lenovo Yoga 11 since there is no other ultrabook for school students in this price range. It’s extremely flexible and portable plus it can operate just about everything a school student would desire. Other than that, it’s light enough for anyone to carry around plus it can be carried around in a small school bag as well. Its looks are obviously very much stylish plus it includes amazing hardware such as Intel i7 processor and 256 GB SSD which make this laptop extremely swift. Even though it’s a small laptop there is no issue while typing on keyboard and that being said I’m right now using it even though I am not a school student.

Best Acer Laptops under $300

Acer certainly has been among the most popular laptop brands and they are usually known for their best laptops under $300. Whether it is netbook, chromebook or laptop, Acer provides full support for their devices and yet they are extremely affordable. I highly recommend a netbook when you’re looking for an affordable laptop since it comes with large amount of RAM and storage space. There are also few multimedia laptops that are great for regular work such as Microsoft Office and browsing.

Refurbished laptops are also great when you’re looking for a budget laptop compared to brand new laptops and are even more powerful. You have to look for features that will be useful to you or you could even compare them and decide what’s best for you. Anyways, let’s see the best Acer laptops under $300.

Acer Aspire E3


We all know what exactly Acer brand is known for and of course they still are manufacturing the best notebooks for affordable prices. The Acer Aspire E3 is a high quality laptop with amazing design and such a low price. It clearly beats just about every netbook available at the moment on the market and is also better than any of other in this list. It’s one of the most popular and best-selling laptops. Reason behind that is definitely its great hardware and amazing performance. With the latest Intel HD graphics it’s even faster and revised design of this notebook makes it even more stylish. The next updated version will be launched soon where its Windows 8 will be extremely useful since it will be launching with the touch screen display for the same price.

Acer Aspire ES1


When we talk about quality Acer is among the best. This specific Acer notebook is no exception and is made of high quality hardware that makes sure you get all the performance you need. The look of ES1 is stylish as well and is especially designed for professionals who want to impress their clients with this amazing little device. This device can run most of your applications with ease since it packs 4GB RAM. You can also save all your games and huge files without using up much space since it includes a 500 GB HDD. I highly recommend this specific notebook to businessmen and other professionals who need their laptop on the move. Overall, it’s the best Acer laptop you could find for under $300.

Acer Chromebook 13


In case you spend most of your time browsing on the internet or watching movies then you surely wouldn’t mind a laptop with Chrome OS. I know it lacks many features but all you need to think about is your needs. If that’s sufficient for you then you don’t need to buy an expensive laptop. Chromebook has been the top choice for people who needed the laptop for just basic stuff. I know it can’t be compared with a regular notebook but if that’s the issue then you can install Microsoft Windows on it and it might run a little slow but it will certainly get the job done. It’s available in various fancy colors and has been designed very nicely. You can get the top-end model of Chromebook for price as low as $199. Well, what more do you want? Acer 13 is unquestionably one of the best laptops under $300.

If you want to see even more options of laptops that are for around $300 then check out the video below:

Best 15-inch Laptops under $300 – 2015

15-inch is the most perfect size for laptops; it isn’t too small and not too big as well. They are great choice for just about anyone and they certainly come with almost all the latest features including DVD drive and all useful ports. Well, 15-inch laptops certainly are the most common and usually known as the regular sized laptops. However, in our blog of cheap laptops under $300 we only write about the best laptops that are affordable and worth the price. Anyways, 15-inch laptops are usually priced at around $400 to $500 but there are also other sources where you could get the same laptops in discount offers for around $300.

When we are talking a laptop that costs less than $300 then you will rarely see a 15-inch laptop since the devices that are under $300 are usually around 11 to 13 inches which is not sufficient for everyone and lacks plenty of features when compared to a regular sized laptop. In this article we will be writing about the 15-inch notebooks that are priced under $300 and also are among the best ones. These devices will be compatible with just about every OS such as Windows 8, MAC OS or Windows 7. Anything you want, you can do it on this laptop and there won’t be any lack of features or ports for your connectivity. So stop worrying and scroll down to see the top-notch 15-inch laptops that are available for under $300.

  1. HP 15-f004dx


Since you’re looking for a laptop under $300 there’s a big chance that you are little tight with your budget. Well, don’t worry if that’s the case and simply say thanks to HP for manufacturing a laptop such as this one. The HP 15 f004dx is an extremely affordable laptop and comes with powerful specifications. Other than that, it fits your criteria of 15-inch display screen. So what more do you want? It also packs some of the best and most advanced features plus multi-tasking has been made real easy on this notebook. Overall, we highly recommend HP 15 as a laptop under $300.

  1. Toshiba B5Toshiba-15-inch-laptop

The Toshiba B5 is very much affordable as well and yet one of the most stylish laptops of 2015. It packs powerful processor such as Intel dual core which helps you with multitasking and other powerful stuff. The best thing about this notebook is that you won’t be facing any kind of performance issue. If you compare it with other laptops from this list you certainly will find this one slightly better since it has received uncountable positive reviews plus it fits your budget very well. So just stop thinking and grab it while you still can.

  1. ASUS RC


ASUS has been producing 15-inch budget laptops for years now and they are all very much identical to their premium range laptops. So if you’re tight with your budget then you undoubtedly can buy ASUS RC laptop that will cost you no more than $300. It’s known for its premium design which you will not find in any other $300 laptop. It also includes DVD writer which will help you with watching new movies, burning DVDs or some other stuff (you know what I mean by “other stuff”). Overall, ASUS is my favorite since it packs everything latest such as Bluetooth, DVD drive and 500 GB HDD.

  1. Lenovo G Serieslenovo-laptop

The Lenovo G series has been known very well for manufacturing the best gaming laptops for affordable price. This budget laptop is certainly the most powerful one in this list of 15-inch laptops under $300 since it’s from the gaming laptop series. Well, yeah by G, Lenovo means gaming. So in case powerful hardware is your priority then look no more. This is exactly what you need. It comes with a strong graphics card from AMD, 1 TB hard disk drive to save your large games, Quad-Core processor for multi-tasking with ease and 4 GB RAM for browsing internet effortlessly. All in all, it’s certainly the top class notebook that will suit almost everyone.

  1. Toshiba Satellite C55toshiba-laptop-2015

Toshiba has been known for selling 15-inch laptops that are extremely affordable yet powerful. This one is a perfect device for everyone who is looking to do basic work such as emails, videos, music, etc. Other activities can also be done on this but I would not recommend it for playing games or watching HD movies. Its body might look little bulky but don’t get confused with that, it’s extremely lightweight and nicely designed for professionals. The specifications are almost same as other devices in this list. However this specific notebook from Toshiba does not include DVD drive.